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Tailored Workshops

— Tailored Workshops

Are you invested in fostering the confidence and self-esteem of your female students?

As educators, we know that empowering young women is crucial to their academic success and overall well-being. That's where I, Stella Agwor, come in. I offer a range of interactive workshops designed to address the unique needs of your secondary school girls, specifically those aged 11-16.

These workshops are specifically tailored to resonate with different age groups, ensuring maximum impact and engagement in your student body.

(Ages 11-13):

Building a strong foundation is key. Workshops focus on fostering self-worth, positive communication, healthy friendships, and a healthy body image.

Empowering Young Women Through Positivity and Self-Love: Fun, interactive activities help girls develop positive affirmations to build self-confidence and face challenges with a smile.

Finding Your Voice: Communication and Confidence Workshop: Your students will master essential communication skills for everyday interactions, boosting their confidence and preparing them to express themselves clearly.

Building Healthy Relationships: Equip girls with tools to navigate friendships and build strong, positive social circles.

Body Image and Self-Esteem: Learn valuable media literacy skills to counter unrealistic beauty standards and develop healthy body image habits in your students.

(Ages 14-16):

Expanding on earlier topics, these workshops delve deeper into self-growth, communication, relationships, and body image awareness.

Empowering Young Women Through Positivity and Self-Love: Take self-love and personal growth to the next level! Students will learn goal-setting strategies and utilise positive affirmations to achieve their aspirations.

Building Healthy Relationships: Explore navigating romantic relationships, peer pressure, and conflict resolution. Students will gain the confidence to handle these situations with maturity through role-playing and group discussions.

Body Image and Self-Esteem: Learn to critically analyse social media and develop a healthy body image free from unrealistic standards. Students will celebrate positive role models who promote body positivity and discuss healthy eating habits.

A Learning Experience they'll Remember:

Engaging Activities:

Engaging Activities:

I don't believe in boring lectures! Age-appropriate, interactive games, role-playing exercises, and group discussions keep learning fun and promote active participation in your students.

Special Guests:

Special Guests:

Inspire your students with female role models who resonate with their age group! Guest speakers can share their experiences and answer questions, providing a real-world connection to the workshop topics.

Open Communication:

Open Communication:

I create a safe space for your students to openly share their thoughts and feelings, fostering a supportive and empowering environment that enables young women to find their voice.

Ready to Collaborate?

Investing in the future of your young women is an investment in your school community as a whole. Contact me today to discuss how these tailored workshops can empower the young women in your secondary school to reach their full potential!