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School Visits, Author Readings & Workshops

…bringing literature to life, one school at a time.


Dynamic Presentations

Captivating reading of the author's book and lively Q&As.


Hands-on Workshops

The Power of Words Workshop (Year 3-6): Craft and recite affirmations, fostering self belief and positive self-talk.


Author Engagement

Personalised book signings and photo ops.

Benefits of Author Visits

Student Engagement

Inspire a passion for reading and writing. Expose students to diverse perspectives.

Curriculum Integration

Align with core subjects and standards. Facilitate thoughtful discussions.

Community Connection

Foster relationships with local authors. Celebrate and promote literacy. Meeting a real author inspires students to pursue their own writing dreams and ambitions.

Types of Visits

School Assemblies

Inspiring all-school gatherings. 


Classroom Visits

Intimate discussions and workshops.


Year Group Workshops

Engaging workshops tailored to each year group are designed to boost confidence and foster a growth mindset. 

Frequently asked questions

Need help? You’re covered.

Passionate about solving problems through creative communication.

 A unique opportunity for students to meet and learn from a published author.

Typically visits are booked as a half day or full day visits, but can be tailored to fit your school's schedule. 

Pricing varies depending on the type and length of the visit, as well as travel costs. 

Simply contact us via email or phone to discuss your school's needs and schedule a visit. 

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