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More than Words: Unveiling the Layers of Stella Agwor

Guiding Identity and Wholeness:

I hold a deep belief in the importance of self-discovery and living a life of wholeness. As an identity and wholeness mentor, I utilise active listening, mindfulness techniques, and personalised goal setting to empower clients to uncover their strengths, navigate self-esteem challenges, and discover their authentic selves. This empowers them to live with greater purpose and fulfilment.

Championing Young Minds:

I hold a special place in my heart for young girls. Witnessing the pressures they face in today's world fuels my dedication to fostering their self-esteem, positive body image, and healthy social media habits through workshops and youth conferences.

Beyond Words:

My background as a certified grief specialist and former allied medical professional informs my approach to life's complexities. I understand the power of resilience and the importance of finding strength within ourselves. This echoes in my role as the host of the "When Life Stops" podcast, offering comforting insights on navigating grief and loss.

A Life in Full Bloom:

But I'm more than just my professional endeavours! A self-proclaimed 5-star chef, I find immense joy in hosting and whipping up culinary delights for loved ones. Based in Essex, UK, with my husband Abidemi and our three children, my life thrives on vibrant experiences, exploring new cultures, and cherishing memories with family. Reading remains a constant source of inspiration, fueling my creativity and desire to connect with others through the power of words. This rich tapestry of experiences shapes who I am and the value I bring to my work. I'm passionate about empowering individuals to discover their unique strengths and live a fulfilling life.

Giving Back:

My passion for empowering others extends beyond my professional work. I actively volunteer as a mentor at Liberty Church London, serve as a Board Director for the My Little Warrior Child Foundation, a cause close to my heart that supports grieving parents and I contribute my time and skills by volunteering with UN Women UK, a phenomenal organisation advocating for gender equality.

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  • Speaker
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  • Uplifter
  • Identity and Wholeness Mentor
  • Licensed Grief Edu-Therapy™Specialist

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