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Grief Specialist

Licensed Grief Edu-Therapy™ Specialist

Heal Your Heart and Find Joy Again

Loss has touched my life deeply. I lost my mother at a young age, my first daughter, and experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage. Through these profound losses, I also learned the power of healing and resilience.

These experiences ignited a passion in me to support others navigating grief. I've spent the last 15 years supporting grievers on their journeys, and I'm now a qualified Grief & Loss Specialist.

I understand firsthand the devastation of loss. Society often tells us to "get over it" or expects time to simply heal all wounds. While time can be a factor, healing requires more than just waiting.

My program goes beyond simply talking about your pain. I'll empower you with actionable strategies to: navigate the emotional rollercoaster of grief, develop healthy coping mechanisms to manage difficult emotions and rebuild your life and rediscover meaning and purpose.

Personalised Grief Resolution Programme:

I offer personalised One-on-One Grief Resolution Programs and Group Sessions available both online and in-person. This is not a support group or traditional therapy. It's an 8 week structured, action-based programme following the Edu-Therapy™ framework designed to guide you through the specific steps needed to heal and move forward.

Is your heart broken? Do you feel like you are existing rather than really living? Then Edu-Therapy™ can help.

What is Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution?

The Edu-Therapy™ Process is a two-phase cognitive behavioural model that:

  • Rapidly accesses and identifies conflicting emotions
  • Provides concrete easy to use steps that decrease the disturbing emotional intensity
  • Once learned grieving people can easily repeat the process on their own or in a clinical setting
  • Moves those struggling with emotional pain from being stuck in the past and into the present
  • Teaches healthy emotional coping skills

Take the first step towards healing:

Don't let heartbreak and loss define your life. Book a complimentary session now!