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Empowering Transformation through Powerful Presentations

I’m Stella Agwor, a passionate speaker dedicated to igniting a spark within individuals and empowering them to achieve their full potential. Whether I’m addressing a large conference or leading an intimate workshop, my goal is to equip you with actionable strategies and inspire you to live your most authentic and fulfilling life.

For Businesses/ Organisations:

Finding Your Path: Identity & Career Navigation

Healing & Growth: Overcome challenges, cultivate a growth mindset, and navigate life’s complexities, including navigating grief and its impact on productivity in the workplace.

Building Resilience: Equip your team with strategies to manage stress, overcome setbacks, and bounce back from challenges.

For Educators/Parents

Building Blocks for Happy Children: Parenting Under 7s. Explore essential strategies and insights for fostering happiness and well-being in children under 7 years old.

The Power of Words: Unleash the positive impact of words in the classroom and at home.

Discover the profound influence of words on learning, behavior, and emotional well-being in educational settings and within the family dynamic.

Interactive Author Visit & Workshop: "Just Say It, Ziba!" Ages 4-10

Inspiring Author Presentation:

Embark on a journey with me as I share my writing story and the power of storytelling.

Creativity Unleashed:

Participate in fun and interactive writing workshops, igniting imagination and fostering a love for storytelling.

Interactive Reading Adventure:

Dive into my book with engaging readings, discussions, and Q&A sessions.

The Power of Words Workshop (Years 3-6):

Craft and recite affirmations, fostering self-belief and positive self-talk.

Flexible Formats to Suit Your Event

  • Keynote Speeches
  • Panel Discussions
  • Interactive Workshops and Training
  • In-depth Q&A Sessions

Proven Impact

My presentations leave audiences equipped to:

  • Develop a growth mindset (For Businesses)
  • Cultivate effective parenting strategies (For Educators & Parents)
  • Create nurturing learning environments (For Educators & Parents)
  • Celebrate diversity and inclusion (For All Audiences)

Hear from my mentees.

Ready to collaborate?

Are you seeking a speaker who can uplift your audience and leave them feeling empowered and inspired? I'd love to discuss how I can tailor my presentations to perfectly meet the specific needs of your event.